From project conception through to energisation, Gridconnect delivers first-class technical advice for the renewable power generation industry. We are specialists in grid connection, design and construction supervision of generator installations.

The team of engineers at Gridconnect have a proven track record in the renewable energy sector and are widely recognised in the renewable industry for being knowledgeable, reliable and highly experienced. We are a trusted advisor to many leading renewable energy developers, offering extensive and innovative electrical engineering consultancy services through broad experience and deep technical knowledge.

gridconnect engineers ireland

Our Engineers provide advice on all aspects of the connection and regulation of renewable energy generators challenging standard thinking and devising innovative and cost effective solutions. Gridconnect ‘s first-class consultancy services are driven by our dedication to three key aspects of our service delivery – commitment, responsiveness and adaptability.

Our Commitment is demonstrated through our expert team who are at hand and always prepared to provide an efficient and professional service that is real value for money. Key to this service is the combination of our team’s deep industry knowledge and unparalleled practical experience.

Our Responsiveness is expressed through our ability to step in on demand and work closely with our clients to understand the critical issues they face.

Our Adaptability is achieved by our flexible approach to meeting the individual needs of our customers through innovation and willingness to go the extra mile on their behalf.